Must love dogs

10:28 PM

I love dogs. So I'm glad that my first product ever produced is inspired by these creatures that I adore. The Dogs On-The-Go booklets contain pages that you personalize to your dog for when you need to drop them off to be cared for or to just have handy. It's a fun medium to store important information about your four-legged friend.

Sections included: space to glue/tape in a 4" x 6" picture, owner information, travel information of the owner (a place to pencil in where you will be staying or located), emergency contacts, veterinarian and veterinary specialist, emergency veterinary (with space to paste in a map), medications, the schedule that your pup is on and corresponding instructions for items on the schedule, profile (such as their likes and dislikes), space for additional information and contacts (such as pounds/animal shelters), dog translation, notes and a travel checklist.

 Dogs On-The-Go booklets available at

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