11:26 AM

Had a wonderful lunch experience at Kasra.
flat bread
hummus came with lunch
chicken barg with roasted tomatoes and sour cherry rice

I love their small pizza-sized bread. Pillow soft and hot in some places yet crunchy in others but all around delicious especially accompanied by the plate of fresh basil, parsley, mint, radishes and cubes of feta. Normally, I don't like radishes but between bites of mint wrapped in flat bread then dipped in hummus, the peppery taste of the radishes were really good. Before I was even done with the first flat bread my waitress brought out another, fresh from the oven. LOVE. Unfortunately, I filled up on bread and by the time my enormous plate of food came I was stuffed. When the waitress came by to check up on me I was tapped out and asked for the check and a to-go box. She brought this rectangle box that is big enough to cram in a 6" sub and I stuffed this little box to the max and with what little room was left I folded up the flat bread and shoved it in. Unfortunately that was too much and broke the tab that holds the box shut. As I held the box shut with one hand and tried to open the plastic bag to put it in with the other hand the owner* quickly comes over and offers to wrap my box. When he returned, my bloated to-go box was nicely sealed in plastic wrap. Had a really pleasant experience and hope to bring the Husband soon because that man loves Middle Eastern food.

*I'm only guessing that it was the owner helped me out because he was all smiles and it just feels like only an owner would pay such close attention to his customers' needs. Can't get his cheery demeanor out of my head. Will definitely return.

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