Wedding etiquette to heed

9:06 AM

Wedding etiquette from GeekSugar:

MOH on a power trip. If you're involved in a wedding, you know there is an endless amount of parties, gifts, and expenses associated with them. While she may be trying to help, an overzealous maid of honor may become a little pushy — especially if she's a planner.
How to deal: If you're dealing with one of these types, it's best to keep your correspondence professional and to the point. If she demands an RSVP to a party invite or gift contribution, and you can't give her one just yet, be honest. Quickly explain your situation, apologize, and stand your ground. If it's appropriate (like, if you can't make it to an out-of-state shower), be sure to explain your position to the bride, too. Just keep any potential conflicts out of the communication you have with the bride — if you have beef with the maid of honor, better to deal with it just between the two of you.

 This made me thinks of my best friend's wedding. She purposefully kept me out of the planning and execution of her whirlwind marriage because she didn't want us to get into any sort of disagreement before her big day. Thank goodness. That move kept us in a happy, cheerful good place through all the insanity.

I originally wanted to throw her a bridal shower but voiced my interest too late - thank goodness. Four of her good friends already expressed their desire to do so and because this wedding was fast approaching she only had time for one party so she e-mailed them all saying that they can work out the shower amongst themselves. I say thank goodness because (1) party planning by committee sucks (2) I had a negative experience with one of those girls and knew that I would never want to deal with her again. Turns out I wasn't the only one that had a problem with this person. The unfortunate part was that my best friend had to hear about it from all the other girls. Come on ladies, you wanted to throw her a celebratory party and that's awesome of you but don't go bitchin' to the bride because one girl doesn't play well with others. The bride doesn't want to hear about it when she's in the thick of wedding planning.

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