9:55 AM

Tried out Sweet in City Centre. The red velvet and strawberry cupcake we're okay. The strawberry icing was topped with freeze-dried strawberries - something I just don't like. But there were occasional bites where the tartness of the freeze-dried strawberries were a nice departure from the sugary sweetness of the cupcake. Still, I prefer my strawberry cupcake without any sort of freeze-dried toppings. Tried a strawberry macaron - eh. But the milk tea with tapioca - yum! First, the tapioca wasn't black, it was clear/cream colored and looked like little balls of ice instead of monster caviar. The milk tea itself tasted so elegant because of a subtle, beautiful floral note. I've tasted it before but couldn't pinpoint the flavor. They have a Thursday special in which the tea with tapioca is $3.

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