9:02 AM

Disappointed I couldn't secure a reservation (or last minute tickets) to Alinea or Next. Boo. But still had a delicious tour of Chicago

delicious pineapple and orange aqua del dia that was accented with basil. could have downed a gallon of it.
churros with chocolate dipping sauce
pork belly vermicelli

Avenues at The Peninsula
my first expensive tasting menu (my absolute first one was at Bootsie's for $35)
alaskan king crab
another angle of alaskan king crab
cortez bay scallops. my absolute favorite. never had raw scallops and now i don't think i can go back. surrounded in a bath of white poppy milk i wish i just had a big bowl of this dish.
surprisingly tasty for grains, seeds and nuts in a sunflower broth
wagyu beef ribeye
coconut dessert
sambirano valley chocolate

best fries i've had to date
red wine poached eggs. interesting concept that i'm going to try out at home.

pork belly buns. yummmmm.
miso ramen
coconut panna cotta. definitely not the texture of panna cotta to which i am accustomed.

jelly fish freak me out. read about how they procreate and tell me that doesn't read like a movie script for alien reproduction.


sexy sign outside W Hotel

i think these are the best macarons i've had. or at least they have had the best lasting impression on me.

lamb and brandy dumplings. gorgeous and tasted so.
urban belly ramen with pork belly. blew my mind. best ramen i've ever had.

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