Light fixtures at Grimaldi's

2:42 PM

i don't like pizza but i've become a huge fan of Grimaldi's. huge. i tried it for the first time two weeks ago and have been craving it since. for me, it has the perfect balance of flavor and texture. love their red sauce and i'm curious to what makes it so special. is it the tomatoes? spices? i need to know. and why isn't there one closer to town? i have to drive 20+ miles to get my fix.

love their wine bottle light fixture at the entrance. i bet it's more beautiful at night.

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  1. Peg! This is my favorite place for pizza and refuse to eat delivery ever again. If you think the red sauce is good, try it without. Our waiter suggested this once and I looked at him like he was crazy. It was delicious expecially with basil! Sign up for their email club and they will send you a free large pizza (it's huge) on your birthday.