Inn at Langely

12:24 PM

8-course tasting menu that is absolutely worth the four hour process at The Inn at Langley
cherry covered chocolate
still don't like oysters but it tasted fresh, briny and interesting
pretzel roll with goat's milk butter and salted radishes
"baked potato" - potato foam with bacon, chives and fried potatoes in potato skin consomme
chef at work
code with cardamom fluff, carrot foam, fresh peas and carrots


lamb loin in a glass jar of hickory smoke
lamb loin with buckwheat, morels and a bubble of bernaise sauce
crenshaw melon sorbet atop of marinated goat's milk feta (my first taste of crenshaw melons and I love it)
strawberry sorbet atop fresh strawberries, buttermilk meringue, lemon puree (tasted like Starbursts candy) and goats milk cheese enveloped in gelee with a streak of anise

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