Sell it

11:25 AM

I love a good challenge and selling to these bazaar crowds has been interesting. It's been fun to see how many people I can engage. Not only am I selling jewelry, dogs books and other homemade items but I've also jumped into helping my family sell their gorgeous handmade scarves. At the first bazaar, I think the shoppers were overwhelmed with the selection. Lots of visual stimulation and the urgency to see every booth in this huge convention center kept people from really taking the time to browse. I could see these people trying to swallow it all in. Even one of the ladies manning our booth ran off after hearing about a great deal on sandals at a nearby booth. With all this hoopla you literally get seconds to try to get people's attention. I had to reel people in while they were walking and only vaguely listening to what I'm selling. But once they stop, it's such gratifying feeling. It's just a nibble but for me it's a big because you stopped that fish and just maybe that fish might bite. It also doesn't hurt that these crowds appreciate handmade items. I'm going to be sad once the bazaar season ends.

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