Tiny house, big style

8:37 AM

I live in apartments just minutes away from the nicest neighborhood in Houston. Last Fall we would go walking in the neighborhood and ogle all the huge McMansions. My ex-home could be easily parked in the garages of these oil barons. And though I would love to walk through these homes just to see how the rich live I no longer wish for that life. Instead, I'm enamored with the idea of paying off, in cash, a small home what some might pay for a luxury sedan. And though it may be small it would be nicely appointed with eco-conscious design (i.e. rain catching water barrels, solar panels, super insulation) and nice fixtures and details (think marble, crown molding, maybe wainscot, non-textured walls) all on 5+ acres of land. One can dream. So excited to see one of my favorite bloggers posting about tiny homes.

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