Goodbye for now

1:08 AM

Crafty octopus

3:14 PM


9:19 AM

Vintage Vampire Killing Kit

4:43 PM

Add this to the list of vehicles

1:54 PM

It's hot in NOLA

2:37 PM


10:22 AM

Check that one off the bucket list

10:05 PM


1:54 PM

Hello Key Largo

1:27 PM

Bye Fort Lauderdale

1:26 PM

Puppy vs mirror

2:38 PM

Hello Fort Lauderdale

7:37 PM

Loving these rugs

7:36 PM

Bye Melbourne Beach

8:49 PM

Dusk walk on the beach

8:20 AM

My little tree hugger

9:57 PM

Where can I get one?

7:08 PM

Sun bathing

10:46 PM

Subtropical Storm Beryl

12:57 PM

Hello, Melbourne Beach, Florida

12:58 AM

He welcomed us to Florida

10:28 AM


9:28 PM

Addictive, shoe string, hand cut, seasoned fries

12:22 PM

Hehe someone is getting fired

4:07 PM

H&M is finally opening in Houston

2:32 PM

Sweet surprise

11:28 PM

Roaming around Denver

12:08 AM

Hong Kong airport

8:58 AM

Cute coffee cups in Hong Kong

6:26 PM


3:37 PM

Happy customer

3:28 PM

Bye, Maine

6:08 PM