Check that one off the bucket list

10:05 PM

In Key Largo, Husband and I were hoping to catch a lovely sunset but the clouds made it clear we were going to miss it. Especially with this huge cloud.
Twenty minutes later.

Unfortunately this water spout dissipates right as it is about to pass over our hotel (Hilton at Key Largo).
We clearly don't have the kind of dogs that pick up on incoming bad weather.

As the first water spout was fizzling a second funnel was forming but had disappeared back in the clouds. Then it reemerged.

The water spout ended up making land fall only 30 feet from our balcony. Some guy went to photograph it from the beach and it blew right over him. My video is shaky but hopefully I can upload it later.

Always, always, always wanted to see a tornado (or water spout) but never wanted to see the destruction it can bring. This was an awesome way to witness the beginning and end of a water spout/tornado without worrying about the loss of life or property.

Only wish I brought my good camera and didn't have to rely on the iPhone.

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