7:00 AM

HGTV, Architectural Digest, House Beautiful and anything home styling/decorating/remodeling related is a guilty pleasure of mine. I can watch and read about the topic for hours. In fact I've spent far too much time on Houzz drooling over their library of images. I have a file on my computer that is full of inspirational home images. But I can't seem to pull the trigger on doing it for my own home. This has been a conflict for years. I see beautiful homes, I visit friends with beautiful, well-decorated homes but I cannot do it for mine. Aside from my purge-personality (think antithesis of hoarder) combined with my OCD I cannot tolerate filling my house with stuff. I like things to have a purpose otherwise I like to keep things just neat and clean. I've tried to collect knick knacks but the only ones that stay in the home have sentimental value but even then I fight the urge to donate it all.

So when I came across an article about Zero Waste Home in Redbook Magazine I was relieved. Bea Johnson has reduced all the stuff she has down to the things she needs to the point that her family only generates about two handfuls of trash a year (each). I love her lifestyle and respect for the environment. It's been difficult to try to follow this type of lifestyle but it feels right to me. I'm in purge mode again - paring down my wardrobe even further, among other things. And it feels good.

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