Coming Back

10:47 PM

Been searching for something to enrich my soul and I think I've finally found something that can hold my attention longer than a few weeks. Last fall semester I took a screenwriting class and fell in love (again) with it all over again. It had been almost 12 years since my last screenwriting class. Now I'm energized to continue and to blog, to help feed the creative monster.

This past weekend I was in NYC for a conference and had time to go up the Empire State Building. Next time I do this it'll be at 1a.m. because there were HUNDREDS of people in line and not all of them understand line waiting etiquette. I don't need 3 feet of personal space but I'd prefer you not physically touch me (especially anywhere under waist line).

Aside from that, New York was beautiful. Seventy-two degrees. Cool breeze. And the way the setting sun played on the buildings made my time there feel magical. It was the first time I've gone when it wasn't freezing or sweltering. Hope to return again this time next year.

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