Death by Sweetener

5:32 PM

Husband and I were out at brunch a few weeks ago. We took a spot on the patio and while waiting for our food I saw a tiny (I'm talking millimeter long) red spider race across the table toward me. Fearful of all insects I tried the blow technique to shoo it away but it charged forth. Not wanting the eight-legged guys to hitch a ride on my person I stuck an unopened sugar packet on the table and as it ran onto the blue rectangle I stuck it on the ledge of the patio fence. 

Not a second later the spider went ape-shit. Hauling from one side of the sugar packet to the other like it was on fire but not able to leave the confine of the packet. Within seconds it keels over and dies, the wind sweeping the body away.

WTF is in aspartame?

My brother informed me that aspartame is a known poison to ants and many other insects but I just want to point out that sweetener packet that killed that poor red spider was unopened. That's some potent stuff.

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