Houston Restaurant Week: Latin Bites

7:00 AM

Patacon Short Rib
72-hour Kobe short ribs served with avocado aioli, cojita cheese, mint foam. and citrus vinaigrette
 Emerald Fish
white seasonal fish, shrimp, octopus, squid, clams, and mussels, served on a mint-basil sauce, fava beans, green peas, seasonal baby vegetables, and carrot puree
 Chocolate and Hazelnut Custard
chocolate-hazelnut custard, pisco-white chocolate sauce, caramelized bacon and basil gelato

The fish was a little dry and the seafood was okay, the sauce brightened everything up. Short ribs were tasty, all the individual parts made the whole pretty good. Custard was good, the ice cream went well, along with the chocolate ash.

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