HRW: 60 Degrees Mastercrafted

1:00 PM

Check out this Texas-sized patio umbrella. I estimate 8 four-tops would fit under that baby.

[no picture because I punked out and decided to eat instead of paparazzi my food]
Black olive crusted Manna de Leon scallo
tomato-fennel confier, fried caper blossom

[again no picture because I punked out]
SW Caesar
hearts of romaine, black beans, grilled kernel corn, cotija cheese, southwest caesar dressing, pico de gallo, barbeque-chipotle vinaigrette, crisp tortilla strips
Akaushi Bistro Steak
fork smashed potatoes, bouquitiere of fresh garden vegetables
Chocolate Truffle Cake
wild turkey ice cream, almond cookie wafer

60 Degrees Mastercrafted is one of those restaurants I'm not sure I would visit again. The food was definitely tasty and the Houston Restaurant Week menu allowed me to try four courses but I think the average cost would price me out if it weren't for their Akaushi steaks (since I now only eat grass-fed beef).

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