Judging a Book by its Cover

7:00 AM

As an design enthusiast I like a well done book jacket design. These are some of the books I've read recently in which the cover designs were aesthetically pleasing to me. This doesn't mean I necessarily liked the books but if I paid for books (yay for public libraries!) these would get my attention.

Emily Giffin writes books that I consume like a bag of chips, usually in one or two sittings. Afterward I want to anything she's written. That being said, I hate the design of her earlier books like "Where We Belong." The design for "The One & Only" was better, I like the simplicity and the fact it's not a flesh-colored book cover.

This book I haven't read because the premise doesn't really appeal to me but the cover made me put this on my library hold list. Love the typography, mood of the photo, distressed edges and flair of "magic" on the shoe button. Thank goodness for the Houston Public Library or this would be on my shelf, whether it was read or not.

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