Lea Michele's bottom

7:00 AM

Recently, I read that Lea Michele changed her eating habits after reading Skinny Bitch.
So I put Skinny Bitch on my library hold list - why? 
Please see exhibit A: Lea Michele's fabulous form.
All images from her Instagram.
The girl cuts an enviable form. Plain fact, I'd like my bottom to look like that.

I'm about 60 pages in this super easy and fast read and I'm fairly certain I'm going to become a vegetarian, less because of Lea's ass (though it is a motivator) and more because of the horrific mistreatment of animals. If they grossly abuse animals, injecting their bodies with poisons and subjecting them to vile living conditions can anyone honestly believe that it won't be passed on to the person that consumes the flesh.

And I learned that male chicks are discarded for the garbage just because the don't bear eggs. Surely there's reason to preserve their lives.

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