Thuy to the Rescue

6:00 AM

This post is a big sloppy e-kiss to the gorgeous Thuy Nguyen of Sugar Rush Creative for saving me from harming my computer. While trying to change the look of my blog the entire design turned into a big steamy pile of poo. Hair pulling ensued. Thankfully, Thuy came to my rescue and now my blog is functional and aesthetically pleasing. Who am I kidding, it's so pretty!

 If you're starting a blog and don't want to use the boring default templates from Blogger check out the free templates at BTemplate or DesignRazzi. And if you find that (a) you don't know what the heck you're doing or (b) you can probably figure it out but you really don't want to waste the time, contact Thuy. She'll doctor that mess up quickly and make everything better.

Full disclosure: I've worked alongside her so I can personally vouch for her many talents and I also paid for her services.

Here are some gorgeous shots I pilfered from her Flickr account.

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