Lip Sweater

9:00 AM

How you like that Viking Beard? Points for the creativity. While trying to find ways to describe facial hair I came across "The Most Evocative Terms for Male Facial Hair". 
Here are some: 
Chin curtain. Natural. Hungarian. Dali. English. Imperial. Freestyle. Fu Manchu. Pancho Villa. Handlebar. Horseshoe. Pencil. Chevron. Toothbrush. Walrus. Mouth brow. Nose neighbor. Lady tickler. Trash stash. Crumb catcher. Fanny duster. Push broom. Nose bug. Mobile tea strainer. Cookie duster. Chester. Creeper. Mistache. Groucho Marx. Kaiser Wilhelm. Face fungus. Whiskers. Beard. Goatee. Moustachio. Flavor saver. Bristles. Grass grin. Lip foliage. Tash. Tache. Mo. Doormat. Five o'clock shadow. Sluggers. Ziff. Bum fluff. Charlie Chaplin. Gene Shalit. Mustachio. Hitler stash. Porn star. Trucker. Undercover brother. Stacher. Vontses (in Yiddish). Peach fuzz. Lip wig. Tom Selleck. Stubble. Muttonchops. Burnsides. Sideburns. Sidelocks. Tuft. Weepers. Van Dyke. Abe Lincoln. Dundrearies. Hirsute.

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