Protecting Gentle Giants

9:00 AM

 I was an elephant lover before but even more so after visiting PAWS outside Sacramento, CA.
I think the two girls out there are Maggie and Mara. 
The tip of her trunk was sheared off from an incident at the zoo and when she was given branches as an incentive to enter the bath she had a hard time feeling around. That aside, she was a darling that loved her snacks.
Gypsy's a food lover and when we pulled up to the side she immediately came over to bat her beautiful eye lashes for morsels of fruit. I heard she's also a big watermelon fan - kindred spirit!
You can't tell by the pictures but Nicholas is enormous. We saw him last and he was majestic. His favorite snack is bran (never would have guessed) and we watched as he carefully gathered the bran into large piles before tucking trunkfuls into his mouth, then continued to meticulously make sure he scooped every last flake.

Earlier this year Husband and I visited Performing Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) for our anniversary. Seeing elephants had been a bucket list wish of mine and to see these beautiful, intelligent creatures up close (but at a safe distance) was breathtaking. Their history prior to how they ended up on the sanctuary is heartbreaking, because of this I won't patronize zoos and definitely not circuses. But it's amazing the support these horrifically abused and neglected animals have received from advocates like Bob Barker or Kristin Bauer van Straten (Pam from True Blood). Even more so it's inspiring what the people at PAWS are doing to help these creatures and others.

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