The Pickled Palate in Mount Pleasant, SC

6:30 AM

Been loading up on my share of low country food out here in South Carolina. How could you not? I cannot find a decent biscuit in Texas (and I've looked) but out here fluffy, buttery biscuits are the norm. However, I've been over doing the rich food so I went for a lighter lunch at The Pickled Palate in Mount Pleasant. I don't like hot sandwiches and never got into the panini craze but since it's the only type they served here and my dogs were car sick from helping me run errands I relented.

Glad I did.

I ordered the turkey and raspberry jam panini that came with a cheese (I didn't have time to read the ingredients because I was trying to wrangle my dogs) and it came with a side salad. Salad was pretty but just a salad but the panini was stellar. The raspberry jam and cheese transformed a turkey panini into something I would drive 30 minutes out of my way to order again. It's too bad the picture is sort of sad and nothing to write home about because the flavors scream otherwise.

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