What Are You Reading?

7:00 AM

I've been on a reading binge this entire year and have found three authors whose books I cannot put down.

Chelsea Cain's Archie Sheridan/Gretchen Lowell dynamic had me hook by book one and it only got better though I'm beginning to worry if she can keep the series fresh. So far her creativity has served her well and I hope it continues in the next installment. Rumor mill has it that FX is going to do a show based on her Sweetheart series. Color me excited.

Rainbow Rowell writes YA so well that it takes a few years off my age when I read her books. I just finished Fangirl and felt like a college girl again. Ah, good years. And I loved Eleanor & Park and Attachments. It's come to the point I don't care what she writes, I want to read it. I can't say that about a lot of the authors I enjoy. My absolute favorite author when I was a younger girl just writes the same type of love story over and over with the same type of heroine. I enjoy the romance but I prefer variety and Rowell does that for me. Each story has common threads but are a wildly different. I just wish she had more books I had yet to read.

Emily Giffin has become an author whose books I will not put down. I will finish a 400 page book in a day or stay up until six in the morning because I cannot, for the life of me, stop. Even characters I would normally despise in real life she humanizes and for a suspended time in my reading I can like these people. Of course afterwards I deconstruct the plot and characters and may decide it's all rubbish but in the middle of it, I'm transfixed. Every time I finish one of her books my first thought is, damn she's a fine writer. My second thought - I wish I wrote like her.

What are you reading and loving? Care to share? My library book wish list is longer than Santa's Christmas list but I can't help by add more. I'm a greedy reader.

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